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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Saying What I Want

I wrote this as a comment at Libertarian Girl's website. She had said she doesn't respect blogs that do not have public stat counters, particularly sitemeter:

Some time in the future, I will pay for features that would improve my blog, such as sitemeter, but as of now, I have no inclination to do so. I do not even know which free stat-counting service is most reliable.

To not care who reads my blog, means I can say whatever I want. I'm not trying to please anybody, but here is a free soapbox, and I will stand on it.

Albert Jay Nock, one of the five or six key intellectual "Old Right" writers who shaped modern libertarianism, desired only the freedom to say exactly what he wanted, how he wanted. He knew that persuasion of the masses was a futile project. He even wrote an essay, "Isaiah's Job"
on the subject. The prophet Isaiah was quite unpopular in his time. He is also one of the architects of modern civilization. I'm not equating myself, or any libertarian blogger who lacks sitemeter, with Isaiah. But the principle is essentially the same. Speaking the truth, as one understands it, is more powerful than concentrating on one's temporary influence and reach.

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  1. The soap-box is free, but the leash has to be self-imposed. You obviously do care about what you say, and you are trying to instigate further comment to better refine your methods and motives. I started the Zone blog for the very same reason. I needed a place to say in public what i needed to say - later once things happen - the record of motive and method will be there transparent for all to see. Sort of like poking at a lion with a stick - better hope the bars are real. Fortunately - we the bloggers - get to set the bar. Just remember - we are not pole vaulters and need to be careful not to set the bar too high.