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Saturday, February 05, 2005

NFL's Hall of Fame

I'm not knocking Bennie Friedman or Fritz Pollard, but why would it take 45 years to get them elected to the Hall of Fame, when they were finished with football 70 years ago, far too long ago for a "Veterans Committee" to have seen them?

(Pollard's case: black, diminutive, best player on NFL's first championship, head coach by 1921 - it seems particularly odd he didn't get in sooner. Perhaps the reason he didn't get in sooner was that, though good, he wasn't Hall of Fame material.)

Congratulations to Marino and Steve young. I believe Michael Irvin belongs in the group because he was dominant. And if Lynn Swann and John Stallworth are in, the longterm go to guy of the 3-Super Bowl winning Reskins, Art Monk (who held the career all time receptions mark when he retired), should get in.

Harry Carson, from everything I've heard, deserves to get in. I'm not sure that Richard Dent does. 4 Pro Bowls doesn't sound all that dominant to me.

Maybe the potential class of "no brainers" is a lot smaller next year. (Aikman?), and these people will finally get in.

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