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Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Next John Wayne?

Just an observation on the career of Hilary Swank, who I think is a very pretty woman. Her rise in filmdom coincides with my own lack of interest in films (which began with the overhyped and disappointing Saving Private Ryan seven years ago). I'd like to get that feeling back, to want to go to the big screen and see the stars shine. As it is, this is all I know about Hilary Swank:

1. She was the "New Karate Kid."
2. She won an Oscar playing a girl posing as a boy in "Boys Don't Cry" and won an Oscar for it.
3. She played an astronaut/pilot in "The Core" two years ago.
4. She's up for an Oscar for playing a boxer in "Million Dollar Baby."

Osama bin Laden is no match for her, she's practically James Bond!

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