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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Libertarian Girl: Glenn Reynolds on the Confederacy

The amazing journey of Libertarian Girl continues. Sure, it is amazing to think that there are any apologists for the South. But why are there any apologists for the NORTH?

Libertarian Girl: Glenn Reynolds on the Confederacy


  1. One of the problems with her is that she often makes blanket statements that often aren't even true. I think a lot of these statements are merely borrowed from conservatives pundits like Rush Limbaugh who make a living out of smearing the opposition even if their claims are absolutely baseless.

    With regards to the "Civil War", she makes the blanket generalization that those who criticize the North are simply apologists for the Confederacy who yearn for it's revival. While I acknowledge that there are people out there who fall into this category, I happen to be a critic of the North who also condemns the Confederacy. My objection to the North's aggression has nothing to do with any warm feelings toward the Confederacy. I also happen to be a northerner, born and raised, with zero ties to the south.

    Some of her other more baseless blanket statements include:

    "Liberals refuse to believe that genes have anything to do with your behavior."
    "The official liberal view is that all humans are born with identical mental capabilities"
    I'm sure there are other similar remarks throughout her posts. While I'm not a liberal, I happen to know that these statements are absolutely ridiculous! Where else could she conjure up such nuggets without the help of political hacks like Limbaugh? Has she ever spent any substantive amount of time talking to a liberal? Ever? Yet she claims to know them better than they know themselves.

  2. Freeman, you Critter, you definitely have a thing for Libertarian Girl. You crackle with sexual excitement. However, how will you get to DC? Keep us posted, won't you?

  3. So Freeman likes her, too? As Sam confessed to Carla about Dianne on Cheers: "She annoys the hell out of me."

    I blame all of this on Stephan Kinsella, who reported LG's sins on the LewRockwell blog. He's the one who dragged me into her evil web.

    In any case, if Freeman doesn't get your note, I'll be sure to pass it on to him at PE class.

  4. I happen to prefer brunettes.

    Additionally, I'd much rather date socialist hippie chicks than neocons in libertarian clothing.