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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Happy Birthday, Ayn Rand

I'm not a huge fan of the late, great Ms. Rand, having read only her "greatest hits"(For the New Intellectual), the core of her philosophy. That said, I must admit also that I also have not perceived the world the same way since reading it. Particularly, in my own case, I have come to recognize the contemptible, hysterical, hypocritical, and utterly evil, slavish devotion and worship of the State in both the Christian "left" and the Religious "right." Heck, between Christians who exalt famine (i.e., socialism), and fascism (i.e, the warfare State), Rand's atheistic "Objectivist" philosophy seems downright - dare I say it - loving, charitable, even ...................


Ayn Rand's Contribution to the Cause of Freedom - Mises Institute

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