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Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Coronation

Just a few observations about the Super Bowl:

-"God Bless America" was classy and moving. (as a tribute to Ray Charles, a graduate of Florida's School for the Deaf and Blind, their students sang and signed the song along with Alicia Keyes).
-Otherwise, the patriotic tribute was way, way over the top. This stuff is for Memorial Day and Independence Day, not a football game. I doubt they had this during the Vietnam War. The more I hear us remind ourselves how great we are, the more I begin to doubt it.
-Paul McCartney, and his song selection and production, was perfect.
-Now, I don't mind talk about Brady, Billicheck, and the greatness of the New England Patriots. They just do not have a weakness. Not even mentally or emotionally. They can play anybody's game - the "they don't match up well" doubt some teams have with others just doesn't apply with these guys. I just thought the talk before the game was premature. They didn't talk the talk - everybody else did - but they walked the walk.
-45 wins, 7 losses. That's the combined records of the Colts, Steelers, and Eagles before the Patriots met them. The toughest schedule in NFL history.
-Hats off to Terrell Owens for an MVP-type performance.
-New Englanders, enjoy this while it lasts. And I'm not just talking about football.


  1. "I'm not just talking about football." What are you talking about?


  2. Well, the Red Sox, University of Connecticut's male and female basketball teams, and even Boston College men's basketball is undefeated.