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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Before the Coronation, Part II

If Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl, I wouldn't put yet him in the same class of Montana, Elway, Marino, Young, or Favre (The big five of the last twenty years. I'd put him in with Aikman, who played his best football when he had the best coaches, best teammates, and was healthy.

I'd rather see how he does when coaches, teammates, and the front office changes. And then the concussion, the ankle injury, the shoulder separation.

After all, it is hard to imagine how Kurt Warner is not enjoying a Hall of Fame career, after his first three seasons as starter. But he's not.


  1. He's got Bledsoe's ass beat though. He can't seem to do anything right with a GOOD team.

    Things were looking good in Buffalo when he first got there too...

  2. Without a doubt. Brady ranks ahead of a lot of guys. I'm just saying that it's too early to assess his place in history.

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