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Sunday, January 09, 2005

One Bright Spot in Sports

Brett Favre drops another spot or two in the "great quarterbacks of all time" ranking with another poor play-off performance.

Nebraska chickens out of playing Houston - Houston - in football, gives up 70 to Texas Tech (in football, not basketball), misses a bowl game, and has a losing season.

The Cubs tranform themselves from "loveable losers" to "underachieving jerks" who managed to drive the best baseball color analyst, Steve Stone, out of the franchise.

The Badgers tanked late in the season.

It's a good thing that as I get older, the less I care about sports. And hey, I got to see the Red Sox in Fenway this year for the first time, and they went on to win the World Series.


  1. Anonymous8:14 AM PST

    You know, James, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool, rock ribbed, never-say-die, absolutely obsessed Red Sox fan. (is there a trite modifier that I missed?)

    While I've taken personal responsibility for any number of heartbreaking Red Sox defeats I've never credited myself for one of their wins. (There's got to be a Masters thesis in there somewhere...)

    But, allowing my superstition to get the best of me, I'm willing to concede that it was, in fact, your trip to Fenway that finally brought it all home for the Sox. This despite the negative karma that I bring to the place countless times each summer.

    All of New England thanks you!

    (absit invidia)

  2. Your welcome. Although it could have been my friend Earl. Or this father and son I talked to who hadn't been there before either. It was probably a mix of the four of us.

    The Packers play poorly whenever I wear my Ahman Green jersey. Unfortunate - it's the nicest piece of clothing I have. I'm thinking of getting an "away" (white) one to wear at formal ocassions like weddings and stuff.