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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Bonds and the Court of Public Opinion

This is Skip Bayless at his best, honest and rational.

One overlooked matter is the fact that Barry Bonds's body has not broken down, and he has not become more surly or showed erratic behavior than before his curious weight and power gain in 2001.

Perhaps the hysteria against steroids is forcing "guinae pig" experiments such as on Bonds to go underground. With proper use, steroids are a healing, legitimate medicinal property. With refinement, maybe they can make anyone of us not only bigger and stronger, but healthier.

We'll never know because of mass hysteria against steroids, that provoked this witch-hunting and fishing project of federal prosecutors in the first place.

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  1. Bonds cannot escape the lurid scrutiny of being a public figure. It would be fascinating to sit down and talk with the man. The societal drug dichotomy is insane. The pharma industry can push Vioxx, yet one mislabeled death (Buchler) and the supplement ephedra is gone. McCain will make a campaign out of being a busybody. Fact is, Bonds bat control is awesome.

    Physiologically - food breaks down into chemicals. There is all sorts of fillers and binders added to foods that are just as bad chemically as the breakdown products of drugs. Natural drugs like marijuana are out, but pills like ibuprofin and aspirin are fine. And my, how america does like its caffeine. Perhaps a strong dosage of basic chemistry is in order.