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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Guns, God, and Apple Pie

Simon Jenkins goes a little over the top, but this blue-red distinction is even more startling now than four years ago. Perhaps the northeast, the Lake Michigan states (annexing Gary-Hammond- we know how they voted) and the Pacific Coast, should each secede. Jenkins writes:

Far from delivering Mr Kerry niche votes, the liberal lobbies in places such as New York and California terrorised middle America. The Governor of Nebraska remarked archly that “on values Democrats were non-competitive in the heartland”. The 11 states voting on gay marriage laws rejected them. Roughly half of Americans want abortion banned, punishments made more severe and “moral values” entrenched in the Constitution. That half is now ascendant. The liberal horror of a Bush Supreme Court as a council of biblical ayatollahs has a ring of truth to it. There was talk yesterday of Democrats needing to take a leaf from Tony Blair’s book. If so, it will have to be new Democrat, Old Testament.

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