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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Greatest Pitcher of All Time?

I don't know if Clemens is the greatest pitcher of all time. But I do remember his first Cy Young, and the World Series of 1986. Seven Cy Youngs in 19 years as a pitcher, not to mention the strikeouts and the winning percentage. He played for four different teams, and won the award at least once with each of them.

Roger Clemens is the most dominant athlete over such a long period of time that I have ever seen. Name recognition (I was never that huge a baseball fan) and the raw stats and championships do not lie.


  1. Clemens is not the most dominant athlete in the game over the time period, Barry Bonds is. Clemens career reminds me of Tom Seaver, with a little more mobility. I do like Roger's game face though.

  2. I don't think Bonds started becoming an all-star until 1989 or 1990 or so. What I meant was exactly over a nineteen-season period. Bonds still has a chance to duplicate it.

  3. I find it interesting that now as I approach 50 I can see some of the context of the baseball record book. Guys like Clemens and Bonds have tuned their ability to maintain top performance well beyond tradional career length. But then, in the 60's, we were talking Mays, Aaron, Mantle, Bob Gibson - same argument, different generation.
    I will be taking sports and trying to frame science into it's model on my blog site The Zone. The statistics collect in a similar manner - yet science is 'too hard' but baseball is not. I can't believe that. Everybody can do science. I also do modern political commentary (as a good LRC reader would).
    It's too bad sports has become too expensive for the average person to have as part of his lifestyle. It was neat growing up with the Phillies, Mets and Yankees on constantly in the background, and then the Braves and Cubs on superstations.