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Friday, October 15, 2004

Quote of the Day 15 Oct 2004

(Note that this links to Peroutka, whereas I'm a Badnarik man myself. Also, I'm aware that this is the guy who instigated a controversy involving a relative of mine. The final irony there is that I side with my relation in that controversy, but it is actually Morecraft, speaking on internet radio, that finally persuaded me to become a presbyterian. And in any case, I agree with this.)

When most Christians vote, they leave the Bible outside the voting booth, and think like pragmatists. Several of my friends are trying to justify voting for the candidate they think can win, although they confess they must “gulp hard” to do so. Their explanations show that they are voting out of fear rather than out of faith in spite of the teaching of the New Testament that we are to determine our viewpoint and course of action, not by what we see, but by what God has spoken in His Word—by faith not by sight.

Joe Morecraft III

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