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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Lost, and then Go Sox!

ABC's "Lost" is captivating - 7pm CST tonight. Last week's episode was as brilliantly executed as anything I've seen. I highly recommend tuning in. It has mystery, hints of the supernatural, and seems to be about character and morality than about realism.

I hardly watch television any more, but "Lost" and "Arrested Development" are appointment viewing.

I hope that this is a one-season deal with resolution at the end. If that's the case, this has the potential to be one of the greatest events in television history.

After that is game 7 of Yankees-Red Sox. The Billionaires won the first three, and the multi-multi-millionaires won the next three. This might be the biggest game of this storied but one-sided "rivalry." I had the privilege of seeing the Sox in Fenway this summer, so my allegiance isn't in doubt.

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