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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

How to Avoid Work, Part II

(More accurately titled How to Avoid a Job)

Claire Wolfe writes:

"Learn massage Nat suggested, flexing his old aching shoulders."

"Design costumes for plays," said Mrs. Nat, dreamily remembering something glamorous from her youth.

"Get a seasonal job and loaf the rest of the year. Work in a park or on a dude ranch."

"Dog training."

"Yard cleanup and hauling."

The ideas flew as levels in the coffee cups sank. Finally, everybody pretty much ran out of steam - before even mentioning my very favorite independent occupation.

"Don't forget, somebody could always work as a freelance writer," I added.

Marty snorted. "That's not real work. That's what every slacker on the Internet spends half his life doing. Yammerin' opinions. Twenty-thousand freelance writers at the bottom of the sea would be a good ..."

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