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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Peace Corps or Drug War

Last night at a party, I saw a young woman who I hadn't seen since a party in May. She said then that she was going on a trip to Nicaragua. So I asked her how the trip went. She said it was great. She went to see her sister who was in the Peace Corps. Since then, however, her sister has been evacuated on account of the escalating Drug War there. When the War escalates, Americans are more likely to be kidnapped.

It is ironic that it is an American policy of good will that created the Peace Corps, and it was also an American policy called the War on Drugs which has helped throw much of Latin America into turmoil for decades. The USA would do more for peace and develpment in Latin America if it abolished both the Peace Corps and the Drug War, opened our borders for trade, and otherwise just left those countries alone.

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