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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Hello, World!

Hello, People,

My name is James Leroy Wilson. I live in Chicago, am single, and work at a Christian bookstore. I am starting this on a whim and this is more or less a trial posting to see how the page goes.


Long interested in politics, I have written on and off - mostly on - for the The Partial Observer over its four-year history.


This is a site dedicated to:

1. Partisan Independence: We don't all have to be just Democrats or Republicans.
2. Intellectual Independence: We should not be "purists" on ideological dogma. Or religious dogma if it can't stand up under scrutiny. And we better question trendy intellectual fads most of all.
3. Political Independence: Government, to the extent it exists at all, should be a local outgrowth of community values, not the instrument of ambitious and violent men living thousands of miles away from us.
4. Personal Independence: Otherwise known as freedom. Or liberty. Or personal responsibility.
5. Anything else that I may find interesting or entertaining.

We'll see how this goes. If anybody in Lincoln is reading, send my congratulations to Bill.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Apologies to Matthew.
    Thanks, Matthew, for writing. There was nothing you wrote that deserved to be removed from the site. Somehow, when experimenting with the look and format of the site I must have clicked a "Yes" when I should have said "No," or a "No" when I should have clicked "Yes."

    At least people can click on to Matthew's own blog from his response.

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM PDT

    This is a further experimental comment to see if things are working as I want them to. I want an open comments page, not a restricted one.