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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Destroying the National Guard

William Lind's analysis of military affairs are among my favorite.

I think we ought to get rid of the National Guard and go back to State Militias that can only be nationalized to protect national territory. But Bush is doing a fine job of providing disincentives for young men to actively particpate in their state's civil defense (from riots, hurricanes, etc) when the next thing they know they are dodging bullets in Iraq.

Frankly, I can't recommend any young person to consider the armed services, not even Guard or reserves. Not because the "military culture" is evil or anything like that. But because the person who occupies the Presidency, the Commander-in-Chief, no matter who he is, can be trusted.

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  1. Anonymous9:56 AM PDT

    I am an employee of the DOD in Indiana and love reading William Linds articles. I too believe the National Guard should revert to status of state Home Guard as it was before passage of 1916(?)Defence Re-organization Act. While we are at it repeal amendment which calls for direct election of state senators to U.S. Congress. If I have to live somewhere, I would prefer it be a republic.